Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This isn't really in keeping with the schedule I'd tried to set for the blog updates, but I figure that with my zany schedule, any time I can stick something cool up, I'd better take advantage of the situation!

In the first page of the comic, we see a busy market near the Spire District of Gair. Originally, a vendor on this page was selling pottery, and there was text on the table letting us know that's what was being sold. However, looking at this, it was decided that the Felis of Gair (and all races of the land) would probably have their own language and written script they would use in their own cities.

And so this began a discussion as to how the different races' languages would look and sound. For the most part, the written languages were meant to mirror the races they were based on. The Tamian, for example, write with a very thin, vertical, tree-like script, with tense, formality, and even variations on the same word being communicated via "branches" on a core letter.

The Felis, on the other hand, have a script that's more rounded and "scratchy", inspired by more Oriental-style writing, with some added arcs that fit right into the Felis architectural motifs of Gair.

As the comic progresses and more of the races' languages are fleshed out, we might put up another one of these kinds of posts, but until then, stay tuned for various comic updates as they occur!


Mary Jane said...

Are sure that a wise thing to do. I've thought of doing the same thing with my fantasy animal comic until talking with experience writer on deviantart . Here what she said in reply to my language question . I think you're better off creating a vocabulary rather than an entire language. Tolkien was a professional linguist, and it took him literally years (a decade, if not more) to perfect his languages.
A fantasy glossary would probably be better to go for, a la Watership Down.
Paolini tried it and failed miserably; one of his own unintended plot points was due to a grammatical mistake in his made up language. This just friendly advice .

Alex Kain said...

Mary Jane: Thanks for the comment :) We probably won't be going full-bore with creating entire languages as Tolkien did with his own. It will either end up being consistent groupings of common phrases (ala Watership Down) or simple letter/word-swaps (like the dragon language in the upcoming Elder Scrolls: Skyrim).

Mary Jane said...

I'm glad to hear to that because you would have had a lot of work cut out for you. I'm glad I decided not to do the hole shebang either. Hey when do you the think the very first issue of your comic will be out ?

Alex Kain said...

Hi Mary Jane - the comic is actually planned for release online, page-by-page. Right now we're trying to get a backlog of pages squared away before anything, so it's hard to say when, exactly, we'll start putting it up.

I'd like to say another couple months at most, just to get the pages in order and then get the website up and running. When we have a better idea, we'll definitely be posting about it :)