Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pitch Complete!

Just a few days ago, I shipped off the complete set of pages over to Comixpress to print up our "Four Kingdoms Pitch" issue. It was a pretty momentous occasion for Rachel and myself, since we'd been working on it in some capacity or another since 2008 - creating the world, iterating on the character designs, doing the whole first issue roughs, then finally assembling the various pieces of the pitch.

What you see here is the table of contents for the pitch. As I've mentioned before a couple of times, the layout of the pitch was inspired by Stephen Christy (editor in chief over at Archaia) and a commentary he did via Twitter a while back on a pitch he'd received.

The biggest concern I had was fitting the proposal onto a single page. Getting the story across in as concise a manner as possible was really important for me, as it is a rather complex story and summing it up in a line or two can be tricky. Thanks to this one-pager, though, I can take elements from it and sum things up nicely and quickly.

The pitch contains a one-page proposal, a section detailing the five main characters of the series (Quinlan, Dakkan, Kenosh, Janik, and Hardin), a summary for each of the series' proposed eight issues, a section detailing the Four Kingdoms (called "The World Before History" because the first story takes place before proper historians have begun to chronicle events beyond myth and conjecture), a series of completed sample pages from the first issue, three covers, and the entire script for the first issue.

Also, hey! That there's a map!


Anyway, now that the pitch itself is complete, there won't be a whole lot of new material in the way of Four Kingdoms - at least art-wise. I'm sure I'll be writing some new stuff, fleshing out the world here and there. In the interim, however, don't be surprised if I or Rachel stick updates on here related more to our other works and interests. For example, expect to see some treatises here related to game design from me, and some discourse from Rachel on art and animation. It's all part of our plan to make this blog more than a niche production news site :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Janik and Hardin emerge!

Well, we promised two more character portraits earlier, and here's a little update for them!

Janik is a close friend of Quin's... very close. Of course, what with his whole world getting flipped on its head lately, Quin isn't being particularly mindful of their relationship. While Janik understands, she is more than a little frustrated with Quin's unwillingness to take responsibility for his life. After all, that isn't difficult for her.

Hardin is the leader of a tribe of warriors and is largely responsible for disrupting the peaceful status quo in the Four Kingdoms. He sees no problem in using force to get what he wants, but then again force is really the only option he has left...