Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pitch Away!

Sorry for the long delay, folks! Truth to be told, since the pitch was completed and printed up, not a whole lot has happened on the Four Kingdoms front! After the pitch was completed, Rachel and I got the pages together and self-published a "pitch issue" to pass around to potential publishers. As we learned from the behind-the-scenes on the "Feeding Ground" pitch, having something printed up to look and feel like an actual comic is a huge advantage over a stapled bunch of 8.5x11's.

So, thanks to Comixpress, we were able to compile the pages together into our pitch issue, and it turned out perfectly! The box arrived sooner than expected, and now it's just a matter of getting it out so the right people can see it.

Chances are pretty high that we'll be hanging onto most of these suckers until New York ComicCon rolls around in October, as that will be the best opportunity to show it around to various publishers. Many a deal has been struck at NYCC, and we hope that we get that right pair of eyes on the pitch at just that right moment. As with all pitches, there is absolutely no guarantee of success, but Rachel and I are confident in the quality of The Four Kingdoms, and we hope that come October, we'll have some good news for you!

In the meantime, Rachel and I are keeping blogs outside the realm of the comic itself that focus on our individual endeavors - Rachel's blog can be found at, and I keep a personal blog now at