Friday, May 20, 2011

The Generals

Hi everyone! Because we missed our post two weeks ago, I'll try to get in two posts this weekend.

Let's start with what the post two weeks ago was supposed to be - character reveals of two of the highest-ranked Canid Generals, the brothers Clovis and Tosch.

Most Canid are conscripted at the age of 18 for a mandatory ten year period, after which they can choose to be released from duty or continue to climb the ranks of the Canid army. Clovis, however, was conscripted into the military at the age of 12 after displaying a certain unnatural aptitude regarding the art of war.

While the young Canid easily impressed his many mentors as a child, as he grew older they became increasingly terrified of his skills (and maniacal tendencies). The Canid officers tried to keep him on a proverbial leash, but Clovis was simply too brilliant a tactician to contain.

When tribes of Ermehn exiles began to step up attacks against the Canid, the military, in a word, "unleashed" Clovis and his brother, Tosch onto the battlefield.

The Ermehn were routed, degraded, and pushed to the verge of outright extinction. Meanwhile, for doing his part to stem the attacks, Clovis and his brother were both promoted to Master General, the highest rank in the military.

Despite Clovis' overt military brilliance, many Canid officers believe that it is his younger brother, the quiet and reserved Tosch, who is the smarter of the pair. While Clovis was busy impressing his superiors and going out of his way to ascend the ranks of the military, Tosch kept himself occupied with study and battlefield theory, honing his technique and letting his brother take all the attention.

Tosch was not conscripted at the age of 12 as his older brother was - though he still managed to impress his elders and join the military at the age of 15.  His position alongside his brother at the head of the Canid military was assured when he successfully defended Deltrada Garrison from a horde of Ermehn warriors despite having no supplies, few soldiers, and no chance of reinforcements.

What do these Canid generals have in store for our heroes? You'll just have to wait and see in the comic!